EU Delegation to Ukraine

Community involvement in Urban Spatial Planning (CIUSP)                         

Areas: cross sector collaboration in spatial development , implementation of new spatial solutions in small communities, participatory approaches, urban studies

Duration: 2013-2017

Clients: EU Delegation to Ukraine

Partners: Ladyzhyn City Council, Dobropillia City Council, Ternivka City Council, Local Economic Development Agency in Ladyzhyn, DTEK company, CSR Ukraine Community

PPV Knowledge Networks Involvement: project concept development, grant application preparation, project management, preparation of analytical studies.

Community Involvement In Urban Spatial Planning – a project that had been launched in 2014 by the European Commission under the "Foundation for development of civil society in the EU-neighbouring countries 2012. The development of non-state actors and local authorities 2012- 2013 in Ukraine". The project duration is 2 years, it is operating in three Ukrainian towns -Ladyzhyn (Vinnytsia region) Dobropillya (Donetsk region) and Ternivka (Dnipropetrovsk region). The project is based on the methodology of "Urban Spaces Lab", designed by PPV Knowledge Networks. Its’ main goal is to involve the local communities in small towns in the process of creating and rethinking urban public spaces. The project is being implemented in the towns where the company DTEK’s main assets are located. The company provides co-financing for the project within its CSR programme.

The project is based on participatory approaches that involve communities in collaboration with professional designers, architects, urbanists and sociologists.