Municipal Development Centre in Dobropillia

Business Support Centre in Dobropillia of Donetsk Oblast

Areas: public spaces, cross-sector collaboration, project documentation, project briefs, funding strategy, business development, local economic development, local economic development agencies, business support centres.

Duration: March – December 2015

Client: Municipal Development Centre of Dobropillia (Donetsk oblast), UNDP Ukraine

Partner: architecture bureau burø, Urban Spaces Lab

PPV Knowledge Networks Involvement: focus groups, project documentation briefs, funding strategy development.

In 2015 PPV Knowledge Networks were commissioned by the Municipal Development Centre to develop a project brief for reconstructing an abandoned dormitory located in a centre of town of Dobropillia (a mining town in Eastern Ukraine). The idea was to adapt it for mixed use, both for local entrepreneurs as well as social housing and hotel. Based on focus groups with local residents, local entrepreneurs and deputies of local council, a concept for Social and Economic Activities Hub was drafted.

Kyiv-based architects from burø developed a brief for architectual solution that would accommodate different functions of the planned hub. Urban Spaces Lab experts were involved in local community engagement.

Based on these inputs, a comprehensive brief for project documentation was developed and the project documentation commissioned from a licensed supplier. PPV Knowledge Networks has also developing funding strategy for local city council to actually implement the concept.

As of 2016, the project was put forward for funding within Regional Development Fund of Ukraine.