Investment Briefs for Dobrotvir and Burshtyn

Areas: investment promotion, investment briefs, investment portfolio, market analysis, investment business cases.

Duration: 2012

Clients: DTEK

Partner: CSR Ukraine Community

PPV Knowledge Networks Involvement: data collection and analysis, description of available investment cases and assets for sale (land, real estate, etc.), investment business cases development, developing printed and online investment briefs in Ukrainian and in English.

In 2012 we have developed investment briefs for small towns of Dobrotvir (Lviv oblast) and Burshtyn(Ivano-Frankivsk oblast). DTEK (Ukrainian largest energy company) has commissioned development of these briefs. The briefs contain basic indicators about human capital, infrastructure and economic development of the areas as well as structured description of available investment assets (industrial land, finished and unfinished commercial and industrial real estate etc.). Investment cases were developed for the assets with most commercial potential. Outputs were arranged in online and printed versions, both in Ukrainian and English.