Area: business process audit, business process co-rodination, stakeholder engagement, social enterprise collective investment mechanism design  

Promprylad.Renovation is a social enterprise in Ivano-Frankivsk (Western Ukraine) set-up to acquire, to renovate a Soviet-times industrial plant Promprylad, and to convert it into an innovation platform, with new economy, modern art, non-formal education and urban development as pillars. Promprylad.Renovation will create an environment for cross-sectorial collaboration between various professionals, communities and companies. It's social impact will be manifested in improved and transformed local economy and reversed brain drain, esp. among youth and young professionals.

PPV Knowledge Networks is involved in two consulting projects with Promprylad.Renovation.  

Business process design and programme co-ordination
  • Business processes' diagnostics.
  • Design and implementation of programme management approach (business process co-ordination).
  • Business process design (identifying existing business practices and developing required but missing processes).
Collective investment mechanism

      • Analysing crowd investment mechanisms development in EU countries and their applicability to Promprylad.
      • Regulatory requirements for collective investment mechanisms for social enterprises, feasibility for the Ukrainian investment case and legal environment.
      • Analysing investment promotion strategies of EU-based social enterprises, socially responsible investment (SRI) and social impact funds priorities and strategies.
      • Identifying and overseeing implementation of a collective investment mechanism for Promprylad.Renovation.