System Capital Management

Stakeholder engagement strategy development for System Capital Management company

Areas: corporate social responsibility, cross-sector cooperation, mono-functional towns

Duration: 2011-2012

Client: SCM Company

Partner: CSR Ukraine Community

PPV Knowledge Networks Involvement: preparation of the stakeholder map, moderation of the meetings and focus groups with stakeholders, preparation of analytical report on the results.

In 2011 we have been involved in auditing the quality of interaction of SCM company with the stakeholders. We have studied the interaction between company employees, local communities, international, public and expert organizations, initiative groups in the territories of presence, representatives of regional and local authorities.

Within the project we have studied best international experience in building dialogue with the stakeholders in large companies, held public meetings with the stakeholders and discussed the priorities of SCM in the field of CSR.

The main purpose of the dialogue in 2012 was to harmonize goals, objectives and main directions of the companies’ sustainable growth strategy.

CSR Ukraine Community advised in the project.