We manage local development, innovation promotion and human capital development projects and initiatives. Usually such projects entail cross-sector collaboration between business, authorities, science bodies, educational institutions, civil society and the communities themselves.

We provide project-related services from a project idea inception phase up to a project impact assessment:

1.    Identifying appropriate solutions to development challenges of clients, with stakeholders engagement and in line with best practices, i.e. identifying project ideas.

2.    Project concept elaboration in accordance to the local context and potential funders’ or investors criteria as well as consortium partners identification and involvement.

3.    Fundraising, incl. writing grant applications, designing investment portfolios, representing clients in funding negotiations etc.;

4.    Project management, incl. reporting.

5.    Evaluation of project proposals, projects’ impact assessments etc.

Types of projects we are working with:

  • Selecting and implementing local economic development instruments, designing programmes and developing programme guidelines, identifying project concepts in line with selected instruments;
  • Planning and setting up business support organizations, e.g. local economic development agencies, cluster organizations, industrial parks, business support centers etc.;
  • Planning and setting up local infrastructure to foster SME development, developing business models and public-private partnership models for such infrastructure;
  • Stimulating markets, for instance through market studies, stakeholder engagement, training seminars for entrepreneurs and small business owners, policy development;
  • Promoting innovation to SMEs, incl. facilitating more and better cross-sector collaboration, technology transfer, open innovation, participative product design etc.;  
  • Developing human capital, e.g. training seminars for SMEs, vocational training projects, professional orientation projects etc.;
  • Engaging stakeholders, e.g. stakeholder mapping, designing and implementing stakeholder engagement mechanisms, workshops and processes facilitation. 

We primarily engage in projects that add value to business, in particular in green economy and cultural and creative industries. 


Ideas for Starting a Microbusiness in Ukraine (2015)

In 2015 our team was contracted by UNDP Ukraine to study business opportunities for starting micro-businesses in Central and Eastern Ukraine. PPV Knowledge Networks analyzed main industries in 8 regions of Ukraine (Central and Eastern Ukraine). Based on statistical data and expert interviews in these regions we have identified 10 market niches suitable for starting a micro-business within the next 3-5 years. The project has resulted in a final report with the description of 10 market niches and 30 business models.

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Novyi Rozdil Industrial Park Development (Stage 1)

Since 2011 PPV Knowledge Networks is involved in setting up a Novyi Rozdil Industrial Park on the former sulfur production site in Lviv oblast. PPV Knowledge Networks secured an EU grant from the cross-border cooperation programme to recultivate part of the 46ha land plot and to design necessary project documentation for road and engineering infrastructure to be carried in next stages of the industrial park development. The EU-funded project was implemented in 2014-2015.

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Creative Enterprise Ukraine

School for entrepreneurs from diverse creative industries sectors, delivered in partnership with British Council Ukraine. 25 creative industries entrepreneurs have taken part in the February 2016 edition. Key topics of the school include business modeling, business planning and marketing. The next edition of the Creative Enterprise Ukraine school is planned for 2017. 

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Terms of Engagement

PPV Knowledge Networks manages projects for organizations under our operational management, partner organizations and external clients. We work with both own and clients’ project portfolio.

We invite companies, authorities, programme offices, civil society organizations and other interested parties to approach us. Forward us short request outlining your need or a challenge. We cross-check with our competencies, availability and interest and offer possible terms of engagement. We work with the following models:

  • Service-based contracting with terms of references, scope of work and service contract;
  • Partnership, where an organization under our operational management will join a project consortium or will become a minority shareholder;
  • Mixed model.

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