Coal Ash for Road Construction
Annually Ukrainian coal powered stations generate over 5 mln t of coal combustion products. In other European countries, in particular Poland and Germany, the coal ash is used for road construction, in particular for road subbases, hydraulic bound bases etc. There is no experiences of note of using coal ash products for road construction in Ukraine.

In 2014-2015 PPV Knowledge Networks conducted a study of a business case for using coal ash use for road construction. In 2015 PPV Knowledge Networks had commissioned and a leading road construction scientific research institute delivered guidelines for use of DTEK Dobrotvir and DTEK Burshtyn power stations coal ash products in road construction. These guidelines were later used for developing project documentation for a planned Novyi Rozdil Industrial Park road network. Comparing the resulting road construction costs with costs associated with traditional materials has demonstrated a significant cost saving potential of coal ash products in road construction in Ukraine.  

PPV Knowledge Networks is interested in a commercial partner to extend coal ash products use in planning and construction of road insfructure in Ukraine. Potential partners should have experience with coal ash products use for road construction and be interested in long-term road construction market presence in Ukraine.

Contact person: Volodymyr Kryzhanivskiy,