Novyi Rozdil Industrial Park Managing Company

According to the Ukrainian law on industrial parks (industrial land plots with necessary engineering and road infrastructure), managing companies are responsible for daily operations of the industrial parks. Such companies are responsible for attracting and servicing industrial and other investors, industrial area management and relations with local and other authorities, - all in accordance to the industrial park concept.

Since 2012 PPV Knowledge Networks are engaged in setting up Novyi Rozdil Industrial Park on the plot (46,4 ha) of former sulphur mining area (brownfield). Jointly with Novyi Rozdil City Council, we have managed a large EU-funded project to clean up the area of the planned industrial park, develop project documentation for engineering infrastructure and road infrastructure as well as conducting necessary studies. PPV Knowledge Networks has produced Novyi Rozdil Industrial Park concept that was approved by local council in 2015 and is actively pursuing project opportunities to build engineering and road infrastructure for the park.

PPV Knowledge Networks is interested in joint venture with a qualified partner to bid for Novyi Rozdil Industrial Park management company status. The partner should have experience in industrial real estate management, industrial sites’ service provision and investment promotion.

Contact person: Volodymyr Vorobey,