Pawillion: Reconstructing a Park-Located Building for a Creative Economy Centre

Lviv is the largest creative economy centre in Western Ukraine and one of the top such centres in Ukraine overall. The city is a thriving hub for IT industry, site of largest cultural events and professional conferences. Multiple coworking and other forms of spaces for creatives are actively developing in Lviv serving an expanding segment of entrepreneurs and small businesses. However, there is a lack of high-quaility locations suitable for established professionals, organisations and companies in the cultural and creative industries sector. There is also no sites suitable for 100-150 participants professional events.  

Since 2013 PPV Knowledge Networks is involved in the Pawillion project. The Pawillion is a centre for creative industry to be located in the historical (but not protected) building in Stryisky park, the largest park in Lviv located near the centre, Ukrainian Catholic University campus and popular with locals and tourists. Pawillion will host a coworking, office spaces, a food court, and an audio studio over four floors. Pre-incubation programmes, training workshops and professional communities meetups will take place in Pawillion. As of 2016, the partners (incl. property owner) have developed and approved with relevant authorities  a design project and reconstruction documentation, developed a business plan and set up a Pawillion community. The next development stage includes full reconstruction of the Pawillion building.  

PPV Knowledge Networks is a shareholder in the Pawillion project. The project is open for investors with interest in commercial real estate and local creative business ecosystem development. Investment portfolio is available on request.