Ideas for Starting-up a Microbusiness in Ukraine

Duration: July – October 2015

Client: UNDP in Ukraine

Partners: DYB Ukraine, Municipal Development Centre (Dobropillia, Donetsk Oblast), Ternivka Local Development Agency (Dnipro Oblast), Pavlohrad Local Development Agency (Dnipro Oblast).

PPV Knowledge Networks Involvement: designing methodology, desk study, field study, identification of 10 market niches, developing 30 business models, conducting 30 focus groups with entrepreneurs and experts from 8 regions of Ukraine.

In 2015 our team was contracted by UNDP Ukraine to study business opportunities for starting micro-businesses in Central and Eastern Ukraine. The project was awarded within a larger programme to improve economic condicitions of internally displaced people in Ukraine, funded by the Government of Japan.

PPV Knowledge Networks analyzed main industries in 8 regions of Ukraine (Central and Eastern Ukraine). Based on statistical data and expert interviews in these regions we have identified 10 market niches suitable for starting a micro-business within the next 3-5 years.

The project has resulted in a final report with the description of i10 market niches and 30 business models. The business models are described in business canvas format. The report is designed in an entrepreneur-friendly style, with key information of relevance, incl. core business indicators, tips from market players and bechmarking cases. The report was presented at the dedicated events for aspiring entrepreneurs in 8  Ukrainian regions.

Within a year, number of downloads has reached 9.000 (only on PPV Knowledge Networks site). UNDP Ukraine has dispursed start-up grants to over 240 internally displaced people.