IT Industry Development in Chernivtsi

Areas: feasibility study, market research, IT industry, investment promotion, human capital, creative economy.

Duration: 2012-2013

Clients: Chernivtsi Media Club, GIZ programme  “Promoting economic development and employment “.

The project was supported by the German International Cooperation (GIZ) within their program “Promoting economic development and employment “, which aimed to explore the economic potential of the Bukovina region and stimulate its economic development.

PPV Knowledge Networks carried out a research of the IT industry potential in Chernivtsi. The study included analysis of human capital for the industry in the local educational institutions, interviews with key stakeholders, surveys of IT industry and a final workshop where results of the study were discussed with key local stakeholders.

The project produced a report with recommendations for next steps in the IT industry (outsourcing) development in Chernivtsi.