• Political Economy Analysis of Forestry Sector

    The analysis is expected to identify and evaluate potential approaches for the US funded project to assist in increasing competitiveness, sales, and investment in the forestry sector.

  • Biomass for Energy

    Turning Natural Potential Into Regional Partnerships

  • Nova Poshta School of Business

    SME development programme for small business owners delivered across 5 Ukrainian cities as part of the corporate social responsibility programme of Nova Poshta, Ukraine’s largest private post operator. Over 300 business owners have passed the programme in 2017.

  • Investment Brief and Business Cases for Mykolaiv Development Agency

    PPV Knowledge Networks carried out a research of the investment potential in Mykolaiv. The project included data collection and market research, description of available investment assets, investment business cases development.

  • Creative Enterprise Ukraine

    School for entrepreneurs from diverse creative industries sectors, delivered in partnership with British Council Ukraine. Key topics of the school include business modeling, business planning and marketing.

  • Mykolaiv Local Economic Development Agency Capacity Building, Development of Investment Materials

    Project aims to develop capacity of the Mykolaiv economic development agency by supporting the agency’s staff in developing Mykolaiv city operational strategy and investment promotion materials.

  • Community Involvement in Urban Spatial Planning (CIUSP)

    Community Involvement in Urban Spatial Planning (CIUSP) project is being implemented in 2013-2017 within the Non-State Actors and Local Authorities in Development programme funded by the European Commission. The project aims to facilitate joint efforts by the local communities, local authorities and local businesses in spatial planning in small (mostly mono-functional) towns. The project is being implemented in towns where DTEK company is present.

  • Support in Strategic Plans Development Within the School of Mayors

    PPV Knowledge Networks worked with the teams from 11 Ukrainian cities and towns who took part in the 2nd edition of the School of Mayors to develop strategic plans for their respective cities. Key development projects were identified and their concepts elaborated for each city.

  • Business Support Centre in Dobropillia of Donetsk Oblast

    In 2015 PPV Knowledge Networks were commissioned by the Municipal Development Centre to develop a project brief for reconstructing an abandoned dormitory located in a centre of town of Dobropillia (a mining town in Eastern Ukraine). The idea was to adapt it for mixed use, both for local entrepreneurs as well as social housing and hotel.

  • Development of the Social Partnership Strategies Between the DTEK Company and Local Communities and Implementation of Economic Development Projects

    Commissioned by DTEK (Ukraine’s largest energy company), PPV Knowledge Networks facilitated development of the 3-year social partnership strategies between the company and territories where its assets are located, i.e. Dobrotvir (Lviv oblast), Burshtyn (Ivano-Frankivsk) and Ladyzhyn (Vinnytsia oblast). Over 30 local development projects concepts were designed, with most implemented in 2013-2015.

  • Dobropillya Centre for Municipal Development

    This local economic development agency was established in 2013 in Dobropillya (Donetsk oblast) within a social partnership programme between DTEK (energy company) and local communities. PPV Knowledge Networks were managing the Centre's set-up project and have partnered with the organisation in several joint projects.

  • Eastern Donbas Regional Development Agency

    In 2013 PPV Knowledge Networks established a local economic development agency in Rovenki (Luhansk Oblast) within a partnership programme with largest local employer DTEK (energy company). As Rovenki was occupied in 2014, the Agency moved its activities and its seat to Severodonetsk and was renamed as a Eastern Donbas Regional Development Agency.

  • Local Economic Development Agencies in Areas of DTEK Assets Locations

    Within social partnership prorgamme of DTEK, largest Ukrainian energy company, we were responsible for setting up 6 local development agencies in Dobrotvir (Lviv Oblast), Burshtyn (Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast), Ladyzhyn (Vinnytsia Oblast), Dobropillia (Donetsk Oblast), Sverdlovsk and Rovenki (Luhansk Oblast), - locations of DTEK energy plants and DTEK mines.

  • Ladyzhyn Local Economic Development Agency

    The institution was established by the PPV Knowledge Networks team in 2012 within the DTEK (energy company) Social Partnership Program. Since then, the agency has been managing various projects in Ladyzhyn (Vinnytsia oblast) with prime focus on SME development and local residents social engagement.

  • Burshtyn Economic Development Agency

    The institution was established by the PPV Knowledge Networks team in 2012 within the DTEK (energy company) Social Partnership Program. This local economic development agency was established by the Burshtyn City Council (Ivano-Frankivsk oblast) and local entrepreneurs.

  • Kamyanka-Buska Regional Development Agency

    In 2012 the PPV Knowledge Networks team lead the project to establish the Kamyanko-Buska Regional Development Agency in Dobrotvir of Lviv oblast. The project was funded through the DTEK (energy company) Social Partnership Programme.

  • Development of the CSR Projects for HarvEast Company

    Contracted by HarvEast (large Ukrainian agricultural holding) in 2012, PPV Knowledge Networks managed rural areas development programme in Donetsk oblast. Within the programme, a rural development agency was registered in Donetsk, microlending fund and community development funds operational concepts developed.

  • IT Industry Development in Chernivtsi

    PPV Knowledge Networks carried out a research of the IT industry potential in Chernivtsi. The study included analysis of human capital for the industry in the local educational institutions, interviews with key stakeholders, surveys of IT industry and a final workshop where results of the study were discussed with key local stakeholders.

  • Stakeholder Engagement Strategy for Metinvest Holding

    Within the scope of the project, PPV Knowledge Networks analyzed the current state of stakeholder engagement in Metinvest, produced a benchmarking report on stakeholder engagement practices worldwide and developed a stakeholder engagement strategy for Metinvest Holding. The work required close collaboration with CSR team of Metinvest. Outcomes of the project were included into the sustainable development strategy of Metinvest Holding.

  • Coal Ash for Road Construction

    In 2014-2015 PPV Knowledge Networks conducted a study of a business case for using coal ash use for road construction. PPV Knowledge Networks is interested in a commercial partner to extend coal ash products use in planning and construction of road infrastructure in Ukraine.

  • Novyi Rozdil Industrial Park Managing Company

    PPV Knowledge Networks is working with Novyi Rozdil Council on setting up a Novyi Rozdil Industrial Park on a brownfield site. PPV Knowledge Networks is interested in joint venture with a qualified partner to bid for Novyi Rozdil Industrial Park management company status.

  • Investment Briefs for Lviv, Novyi Rozdil, Dobrotvir and Burshtyn

    PPV Knowledge Networks were involved into data collection and analysis, description of available investment cases and assets for sale (land, real estate, etc.), investment business cases development, developing printed and online investment briefs in Ukrainian and in English for Lviv (2016), Novyi Rozdil (2015), Burshtyn and Dobrotvir (2012).