Biomass Trade Centers

Due to gas price increase in Lviv oblast and Ukraine in general, both households, business and local authorities are converting to solid biomass (primarily wood) fuel. However, the market for biofuel is Ukraine is in its nascent state, with a large number of micro private businesses as well state-owned forest management units involved in primary processing, storage and supply of biofuel. Standards and forms of available biofuel vary significantly and there is no culture of long-term supply contracting. Harvesting and primary processing is primarily done in summer period while peak consumption falls onto winter period. Thus, there is a business case for biomass trade centres (BTC) in Lviv oblast (and other Ukrainian regions) to provide reliable supply of quality biofuels required on a local market.

PPV Knowledge Networks has well-established contacts with biomass market stakeholders, incl. regional and local authorities, state forest management authority, private solid biomass suppliers etc. The agency is managing Wood Processing and Furniture Cluster that was a partner of the EU-funded RERAM project. The RERAM project has addressed (among others) the issue of BTCs in Eastern Partnership countries. According to the Novyi Rozdil Industrial Park concept, developed by PPV Knowledge Networks, a BTC is planned there.

PPV Knowledge Networks is looking for commercial partners for setting up and managing a biomass trade centre in Lviv oblast. Interested parties should have relevant experience in Europe.

Contact person: Nazariy Hudz,