State of Design Development in Ukraine (2019)

Project objectives:


  1. Development of methodology for monitoring the design market of Ukraine (as exemplified by clothing design, graphic and industrial design);
  2. Conducting surveillance study (collection and processing of data for graphic and industrial design, reporting for industrial design);
  3. Issuance of recommendations for strategic approaches for the development of design at the national and regional level.



The project aims to create an effective monitoring tool for design development in Ukraine applied by policy makers, media and market players which can be replicated for research in other sectors of creative industries.

The conducted research confirms the tendency of growth and development of the industrial design market in Ukraine, but reveals problems that arise under these conditions. In Ukraine, design is still underestimated as a factor that can bring added value to tangible and intangible products, among other things because of the absence of a methodology for objective evaluation of its quality.

The research provides information about:


  • what is the status of small and medium-sized design enterprises in Ukraine;
  • what is needed to reach a new level in the sphere;
  • what are the main criteria for the future promotion, development and support of design;
  • what is the status of formal and informal design education;
  • how much money SP designers and agencies bring to the Ukrainian economy;
  • what are the strategic recommendations for stakeholders and policymakers;
  • what is European experience in design support etc.


The study was conducted as part of the project «Monitoring the Design Development in Ukraine» within the program «UCM: Ukrainian Cultural Monitor» supported by the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.