Agricultural Company Business Diagnostics and Business Modelling

Agricultural Company Business Diagnostics and Business Modelling

Areas: market analysis, strategic planning, business modeling.

Project duration: June – August, 2017.

Client: Lviv Research and Production Centre Zakhidplemresursy.

PPV Knowledge Networks Involvement: description of the available assets (real estate, markets, business processes), general markets analysis (existing and potential), identification of possible market segments and relevant investment scenarios, identification of possible business cases and business modelling for the cases approved by the client. 

This business transformation project aimed to identify key high-growth market segments and to deliver business transformation strategy to the company's owners. Based on proposed business cases, a business model was elaborated and a 10-year strategic business plan was developed. The PPV Knowledge Networks consultants have delivered a roadmap for business transformation with 3 and 5 years perspective.