• Strategic session for Export Trading Group

  • Agricultural Company Business Diagnostics and Business Modelling

    PPV Knowledge Networks has delivered target markets analysis, conducted business modelling and outlined the business transformation roadmap for 3 and 5 years timeframe for the Zakhidplemresursy agricultural company aiming to become a quality beef producer in Western Ukraine.

  • Improving the institutional capacity Preserve Tustan

    Key components of the project: development of the strategic plan for the institution by 2022, analysis of the current business model and planning desired, setting up business processes, development of an effective management model and a employee engagement roadmap.

  • Preparation of Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy "Galnaftogaz" (Stage 1)

    In 2015 PPV Knowledge Networks experts coordinated the first phase of corporate social responsibility strategy development for Galnaftogas company.

  • Rural Community Development Fund (2012)

    The concept of rural community development fund (providing grant assistance on a competitive basis to local initiatives, provided little co-financing from them), developed for the company HarvEast in Donetsk region.

  • Khlibprom Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy Development

    Commissioned by Khlibprom (top 3 Ukrainian bread producers), PPV Knowledge Networks designed a business model for the company based on its corporate social responsibility (CSR) principles. Within the project, PPV Knowledge Networks has delivered material issues map, benchmarking study and strategy implementation roadmap. In total, the agency has facilitated 10 top company management meetings.