• Lviv Design Partnership

    Lviv Design Partnership is a platform for interaction between design agencies, business, education and authorities to develop the design sector in Lviv. The project is part of the British Council’s Creative Spark program.

  • Urban Spaces Lab

    Urban Spaces Lab is implementting projects to activate and to engage local residents into urban public spaces development. The Lab is primarily working through cross-sector collaborative projects involving residents, local authorities and experts.

  • Centre for Regional Development

    Centre for Regional Development is an Institution focused on the development of Rozdillya sub-region (Lviv oblast). The Centre aims to consolidate local government, business and communities’ efforts to tackle common challenges and to create new opportunities for the town of Novyi Rozdil and surrounding areas. PPV Knowledge Networks is one of the founding members of the Centre.

  • CSR Ukraine Community

    CSR Ukraine Community is a social enterprise established in 2008 to promote and advance corporate social responsibility (CSR) in Ukraine. CSR Ukraine Community provides access to the professional information on CSR to both companies and wider audiences, facilitates learning activities and projects and delivers professional services to interested parties.

  • Wood Processing and Furniture Cluster

    Wood Processing and Furniture Cluster is an association of companies operating with wood in Western Ukraine, – from basic processing to furniture makers. PPV Knowledge Networks is an administrator of the Cluster.

  • Lviv IT Cluster

    Lviv IT Cluster is a network of leading local IT companies, Universities and local authorities who jointly facilitate development of the IT industry in Lviv. PPV Knowledge Networks managed the Cluster set-up process in 2010 and acted as a cluster management organisation in 2010-2012.